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A picture of Paul Scunthorpe holding a trophy

Sport as a Business

Sport in the modern world is big business. Make sure you have the right team and experience on your side.


Sporting disputes arise on a regular basis. Given the complexity of the industry and the money that is often involved such is not surprising. Understanding how the industry works and what is important to the parties is the key to resolving issues that arise. It is rare that a truly advantageous result is ever achieved by parties going off to Court.

By far the preferable route usually is to find a solution to the problem that has arisen. The Court can rarely achieve that as the Court’s role is to dispense decisions and finality as opposed to pragmatic solutions.

We have specific experience of sorting out high level sporting disputes. From Sponsorship agreements that have not worked out to regulatory issues that have arisen through the use of social media.

We understand that sport these days is a business and the end of the day the aim and objective is to end up with more money than you started with.

Our skill in these situations is being able to manage risk effectively. It is easy to avoid risk and to spot risks along the way. Doing that alone is useless to anyone in business.

Examples of how can help are:

  • Sponsorship and endorsement deals.
  • Media and defamation issues.
  • Disputes in relation to payments made or value delivered.
  • Partnership agreements and disputes relating to partnership agreements.
  • Joint venture agreements and disputes relating to them.

We are delighted that Paul Sculthorpe MBE is Brand Ambassador to Mann Roberts Solicitors.

Paul is a former professional rugby league player. He played and captained for England and Great Britain. He was also a club star at the amazing St Helens with whom he won a total of four Grand Finals, Four Challenge Cups and two World Club Challenges. Paul was also the first (and to date) only player to win the Man of Steel Award on two consecutive occasions.

There is no denying the excellence and leadership of Paul Sculthorpe and so it was no brainer that Mann Roberts wanted to collaborate with him and demonstrate how our values align. We call our values our DNA. There are four elements to this:-

  1. Leadership
  2. Dependable
  3. Smart
  4. Caring

We believe that there is no better Brand Ambassador than Paul Sculthorpe to encapsulate these values and represent our Company.