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Inheritance Claims

When a family member passes away it can be a very difficult time for everyone involved.


Disputes often arise, particularly if the deceased has not left their affairs in an order that are easy to ascertain or are perceived generally as being unfair.

Mann Roberts Solicitors has years of experience dealing with disputes that arise in relation to estates and inheritance.

Our being primarily commercial/corporate lawyers  means that we are perfectly positioned to deal with disputes that may arise in relation to the estates of business owners.

Disputed Wills

It is generally a good idea to make a will, but even where such precaution is taken, disputes can still arise for reasons such as the validity of the will being disputed or the will not taking account of persons that it should.

Disputes can also arise as to what property falls to be distributed within an estate or whether it has been disposed of prior to death.

Claims can also arise whereby an individual believes they have been promised property or had a genuine expectation of property becoming theirs after death.

No matter what the situation; Mann Roberts are well placed to advise both sympathetically and emphatically.