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Culture Matters

The culture of our firm matters. Our culture is not a list of 'values' on a website, it is what we do, how we react and our approach to life and the world around us. Our cultural values are our DNA.


We are a premium law firm, aspiring for excellence in service provision and distinction in technical delivery, while operating in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. You can have confidence in us


We lead you through difficult situations, we do not abandon you to a series of perplexing choices. We take ownership of the situation both for our clients and our colleagues.


We care about you and your case. We understand that using us is most likely the product of a highly stressful situation. Our aim is to relieve that stress as far as possible. We care about our colleagues and their well-being. Happy colleagues are productive colleagues.


We dress smart and we act smart. ''What usually happens” and “What we usually do” is not good enough for you or your business affairs. We think carefully about how to approach every matter. All our solutions are bespoke, nothing is 'off the peg'.


We do what we say we will do when we say we will do it. We are there for you and our colleagues alike. You and our colleagues can have confidence in us.

Wellness Matters Wednesday

We strive to make Mann Roberts Solicitors a great place to work. We know that one of the main factors to ensure that this happens is to focus on wellness. Our aim is to drive our Wellness Matters Wednesday initiative forward using opportunities ranging from walks in the country and breakfasts to finding new ways to explore all things wellness. It can also be as simple as regular emails to let people know that if they have a problem, they are able to talk and feel reassured that they will be supported.

We love this initiative and look forward to continuing to shed light on wellness within our company and beyond.

A Positive Difference

We are immensely proud of our city, Liverpool. We are proud of the positive difference we strive to make to our community and our environment. We believe that all people and businesses have a responsibility to maintain and develop the world we inherit for future generations. Take a look at our Environment, Social and Corporate Governance policy and some of the initiatives we have put in place to do our bit.