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Providing Excellence

We strive to provide you with excellent levels of service. It is our service levels that we think will cause you to distinguish us from other firms in our sector.

You will not be left wondering what the next step to take is, you will not be chasing us for updates on what is going on, we will contact you. Your matter will be proactively managed towards a value for money conclusion.

Below are examples of what some have said about our service in the past.

We have worked with Mann Roberts and David Mann for a number of years now on various high value and important matters. The level of service they provide can truly be described as market leading. We are never left wondering what to do next and the advice we receive is always easy to action practically.

Alpha Omega Securities

Kenneth Lawton – Managing Director

Mann Roberts are a firm we know we can have real confidence in. They do not get bogged in the detail of things, they just work towards the results and how to deliver them

Targetti UK Testimonial

Robert Stone - CEO

Mann Roberts solicitors are our ‘go to’ advisors when the chips are down. The difference in their service to that of other firms we have dealt with is that they truly understand the needs of businesses and business owners. They deliver more than just law. They are dependable.


Ben Sweeney – Founder