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Professional Negligence

Mann Roberts acts on behalf of individuals, businesses and financial institutions, relating to claims against professional advisors, construction professionals, financial advisors, insurance brokers and expert witnesses.


The advice provided by these professional advisors is often relied upon by their clients. If it is found to be poor advice, this can have serious financial ramifications for the clients.

Professionals generally owe their clients a duty of care. If this duty is breached, and the breach causes financial loss, physical damage, or injury to their client or customer, then a claim of professional negligence may be brought.

Claims of professional negligence can be brought against any individual who is perceived to have expertise in the services they offer. For such a claim to hold ground, there must be evidence that the service provided was subpar, falling below the standards expected of their profession, and this resulted in adverse outcomes.

If you are a professional advisor, regardless of whether you’re found to be at fault, a professional negligence claim can still result in you or your business being liable for legal costs or even the cost of temporarily closing your business during court proceedings.

An individual who relies on professional advice that is negligent, that results in losses, may have a claim for professional negligence against the professional advisor, if it can be shown that the advice provided was substandard.

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