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Professional Practices

Dentists, GP’s, law firms, surveyors, accountants – we understand the issues facing professionals in business, because we are professionals in business.


We understand the issues you face in your professional services business because we are in the same game. We get it. Whether you are joining, leaving, dissolving, merging or running a professional practice, we have the in-depth knowledge and, importantly, experience to be able to assist you.

Partnership and director/shareholder disputes are never positive. The cost money and they distract key stakeholders from their most important task-developing the business.

Often there will be quite a high level of emotion involved in such situations, together with regulatory issues. Understanding the psychological landscape is critical to getting the most economic outcome. That only comes with experience.

Whether your business is a partnership, an LLP, limited partnership, or a company limited by shares, we have the right tools and experience to help you. We will lead you though the situation and not abandon you to a series of choices.

As a natural consequence of doing so much work to sort out situations that have gone sour between partners, we are very often sought out to advise as to how to avoid such things happening before they do.