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It is our ambition to be the best place to work in the North-West. We aspire to create a firm that you will genuinely look forward to coming to every day. We understand that by far the most important asset of any firm is its people.


Developing people to be the best version of themselves they can be is something we take great pride in. Our aim is to train and mentor people so well that they will be desired by any law firm in England and Wales or beyond, but we aim to treat people so well that they never want to leave us.

We are based in the heart of the city, in one of Liverpool’s most prestigious developments ‘No1 Mann Island’. We encourage an environment that is going to make you excited about the stimulating work, excellent mentoring programme and give you the crucial backing to succeed your own ambitious potential.  We will help you to develop into the person and or lawyer that you want to become. We believe we offer a unique opportunity to a candidate with the same vision, enthusiasm and drive that Mann Roberts promotes.

For the right candidate, there is always a role available at Mann Roberts. That door is never closed.

Are you someone who thinks they would thrive in an environment like ours? Are you a talented, ambitious, team player? Are you passionate about becoming the go to person for clients when they are in difficult but business critical situations?

If you are, contact us today, using the form below, for a confidential discussion.

We offer market leading rates of pay and bonuses to the right candidates together with a ‘design it yourself’ benefits package, where we don’t just tell you what we are offering, we ask you what you would like and tailor it to your specific needs and desires.

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