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We are a premium law firm specialising in assisting businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs with a variety of situations. With a focus on dispute resolution, we advise on all manner of commercial litigation matters. Headquartered at No1 Mann Island, Liverpool, we protect our clients’ interests across the globe. Mann Roberts takes pride in being there for you when it matters.

Mann Roberts Liverpool

Our Promise

When we advise you have a good case, we put our money where our mouth is.

We will risk at least a proportion of our fee on your desired outcome being achieved if we say you have a good chance of achieving it.

We will never leave you feeling unsure of what to do.

If for any reason you feel like this at any stage of working with us, please tell us immediately.

We will never fail to advise an appropriate course of action.

We will lead you through this matter. Whilst all decisions ultimately remain with you, we will not abandon you to a list of options without telling you what we think you should do.

We will never advise you to continue a case if we believe it has become uneconomic for you to do so.

Litigation is only ever worthwhile if you are going to end up with more value as a result of embarking on it than you had beforehand.

We will never take fees from you unless we believe that we can deliver real value in return.

That’s one reason why you have to ‘apply’ to work with us as opposed to just pay money and jump on board. We want to do a great job and deliver value for you.

Our Mission

‘We are a premium law firm, aspiring for excellence in service provision and distinction in technical delivery, while operating in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. You can have confidence in us.’

Our Culture

The culture of our firm is everything. Our culture is the foundation of your success. We have created a firm that is great to deal with and great to be a part of. We care about each of our clients, their businesses and interests. We care about our people, the communities we live and work in, our society and our environment.