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9th November 2023

Brand Matters

Frances Mann

Frances Mann

When we first started talking and planning for our company, we had a very clear vision in our minds of what we wanted to achieve.  This vision has never changed.

Our business plan, in a nutshell, is simple. Essentially, it is two-fold: –

  1. To offer the best quality and service to our clients, and

  2. To create a great culture and place to work.

That’s it. That was, and still is, the vision.

Building the brand

In short, our vision is absolutely crucial to our brand; our brand must encompass our vision. It must be something that we can be truly proud of and that is synonymous with excellence, quality, confidence and leadership.

Since we started in March 2022, we have tried to build a brand that demonstrates this. We have had to delve into what ‘quality service’ and a ‘great culture’ actually means and how we reflect this in our brand.

We soon realised that building the brand isn’t that complicated or difficult. A law firm, in fact any service provider, is nothing without its people. We need to focus on the people involved in our business. We need to attract great clients and colleagues to trust and work with us.

We are aware that to attract this calibre of talent is a challenge. We must demonstrate to clients and colleagues that we are the right firm for them. The question to be answered is how we achieve this?

How do we achieve our service levels?

For clients, we need to demonstrate our exceptional service levels and prove that we can get them fantastic results. Our aim is to be every client’s trusted advisor. A firm that you can rely on and have confidence in. We believe that the best business development you can do, is for the clients that you already have, and so we never take our clients for granted.

We are very fortunate to work with some incredible businesses who we always try and go above and beyond for. We know that service and results are key to all our clients. We know that they are looking for clear and confident advice. We understand the pressures of running a business. We wanted our brand to reflect the meticulous efforts and quality that goes into each case.

We believe that the results of our work speak for themselves and are delighted with the testimonials we have received from our clients. Here are just a few examples from our clients: –

We instructed Mann Roberts in relation to a high-value sports sponsorship contractual dispute. David and Colin with their team acted swiftly, considering how time-sensitive our dispute was. They acted decisively and positively when progressing our case to a mediation where the dispute was settled in favourable terms for Boardrm Ltd. Their advice was clear, consistent, and commercially astute and their service levels were excellent.

Boardrm Ltd


We have worked with Mann Roberts and David Mann for a number of years now on various high value and important matters. The level of service they provide can truly be described as market leading. We are never left wondering what to do next and the advice we receive is always easy to action practically.

Alpha Omega Securities, Kenneth Lawton- Managing Director


Mann Roberts solicitors are our ‘go to’ advisors when the chips are down. The difference in their service to that of other firms we have dealt with is that they truly understand the needs of businesses and business owners. They deliver more than just law. They are dependable.

Vidivet, Ben Sweeney- Founder

How do we build a great culture?

We need our colleagues to also understand the value of service and taking care of our clients. They need to be willing to go the extra mile for clients. At the same time, they need a supportive team and nice environment to work in. Building a great culture is something that is (and will always be) a work in progress. We want every member of our team to feel valued and respected. It is not enough to have this as some vague concept. We need to show colleagues that we have created an environment that is supportive and rewarding of every team member. A place where they are not just a line on a spreadsheet and are made to feel part of a team. A place where everyone’s individual talents are noticed and celebrated.

We have put several things in place to make this happen. It starts with attempting to fulfil the ambitions of our colleagues. Giving them fantastic work to do and interesting businesses to deal with; allowing them to develop to their full potential in a supportive environment. To do this they will require great training and mentoring. A place where they are encouraged to develop to be the best that they can be.

It also involves staff welfare. We are very aware that commercial litigation can be stressful and demanding. We try to combat these pressures with our Wellness Matters Wednesday initiative. This involves, to name but a few examples, wellness breakfasts, wellness walks and a supportive and caring environment to flourish in.

Essentially, it is our people who represent our brand. It is the incredible and diverse range of businesses who trust us to deal with their matters who are our brand. It is combining them with our amazing team to get incredible results which is our brand. Our brand is our reputation. It is the confidence it inspires. Caring for our clients and colleagues is at the heart of that. Moving forward our vision remains the same and our brand will continue to reflect this. #forwhenitmatters