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Defending Company Directors

Serving as a company director involves major obligations across a range of legal, financial, and operational domains yet many people accept the role without fully understanding or considering the consequences.


From statutory duties to shareholders to liability risks, the role comes with significant responsibilities that demand competence and diligent governance. Without adequate knowledge, directors can easily run afoul of regulations or make decisions detrimental to the company’s interests. This can result in allegations and significant potential liabilities, particularly if a business is experiencing financial difficulty.

We at Mann Roberts have years of experience defending directors from claims made against them by former companies, insolvency practitioners and the secretary of state for business innovation and skills.

As a company director, you don’t have to navigate these risks alone. The team at Mann Roberts provides practical, specialist guidance you can trust when claims arise. We’re committed to protecting your interests with comprehensive legal advice and representation.

Claims against directors can include issues such as improper dividend payments, transactions not deemed to benefit the company, conflicts of interest, and more. We understand the complexities directors face across a range of potential allegations, from dividend and conflict of interest claims to health and safety violations to potential criminal prosecution. With our specialist resources and experience defending directors, we can build a robust legal defence tailored to the specifics of your case, whether you are accused of misconduct, breach of duty, or criminal charges.

Our solicitors provide clear guidance on your obligations and options.

We know every situation is unique, so we offer tailored advice suited to your needs, whether it’s:

  • Advice on company insolvency
  • Guarantee and indemnity claims
  • HMRC claims related to unpaid tax
  • Director disqualification
  • Defending claims by liquidators or administrators
  • Personal liability for company debts and losses
  • Fraud claims
  • Boardroom disputes
  • Breaches of duty

Contact our specialist solicitors today for an initial consultation to discuss your matter. Every situation is unique so we’ll start with analysis to understand your case and can start building a comprehensive legal defence, so you can move forward with confidence. As your partner, we’ll stand by you at every stage. We have the resources and expertise to secure you the best possible outcome.